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Trou headMeet Champagne Troubadour
Click here for Trou's pedigree                

Trou is an extremely rare Silver Classic Champagne Rocky stud colt who is Certified to Breed with an outstanding foundation pedigree.

As a 3 year old, he stands at 14.2 hands and should mature to 15h. He has a nice steppy saddle rack and while he is still growing, his training is focused on becoming a solid trail companion. His first foal is due Spring 2012. He will be set up for artificial insemination shipments with Equine Reproductive Concepts in Amissville VA as we now do for Hondo our buckskin stallion. Feel free to  Email me with any inquiries.

Trous headThe silver classic is a black horse with both the champagne and silver genes. This means that in addition to straight black or bay, he can sire classic and amber champagne, chocolate and white or red chocolate foals. Trou is also 'homozygous black' which means he can never sire a red foal. The foal color is dependent on the color genetics of the mare. He will never sire a golden champagne, red or sorrel foal, however if a buckskin or palomino mare is bred to him and she produces the cream gene with the champagne gene, the foal will appear to be a golden champagne. 

The coat of a Champagne horse is hard to describe and even harder to photograph. It is shiny, silky and very smooth with an iridescent sheen that is the result of the hollow hair shafts found in all Champagnes. His coat also has a lilac tint which when combined with that iridescent glow and his outgoing playful personality make him quite the show stopper every where we go.

Hondo and Trou
We plan to breed him to black and bay mares, so we have a 50/50 chance of getting a black based Amber and Classic Champagne OR Silver (chocolate) foals and sometimes both Champagne and silver foals which will look like Trou himself. His "double dilute" genetic makeup increases your odds of getting a marketable colored foal in addition to his foundation bloodlines since he carries TWO modifiers to black in his genes, he is more likely to produce one or the other every time he is bred.
Trou and me

Trou is a very sweet, outgoing, people oriented young stallion. He's a delightful addition to our family and our breeding program.
If you're wondering what your mare could have here is a link to a color calculator which will help you find out. His color is so rare that they don't include it with silver modifier in the calculator, so choose Classic Champagne with the knowledge that you could get a silver (Chocolate) colored foal in addition to their list of colors.



Trou Rightside Trou Leftside